PayPal parted ways with Pornhub

PayPal parted ways with Pornhub

Most users see in Pornhub above all an endless source of free inspiration material. But the gigantic porn streaming site can do more. It allows users to upload and sell their own videos and otherwise make money with them. However, they will no longer be able to use PayPal for this.

“We are all depressed about PayPal’s decision to stop paying out to over a hundred thousand models – money they rely on,” the company wrote on its blog, offering alternatives to PayPal. Models in Germany were particularly hard hit for a short time. Here only Paxum and Verge, as well as classic checks, could be selected as payment services. In the meantime, as in most EU countries, the SEPA procedure is also possible in Germany.

“We sincerely apologize if there are any delays. Our employees work around the clock to ensure that all payments are processed as quickly as possible using the new payment methods,” the statement continued.

A PayPal spokesman told VICE, “During a review, we found that Pornhub made certain business payments with PayPal without our permission. We have done something to stop these transactions.”

A Pornhub spokesman told VICE: “Decisions such as those made by PayPal and other large corporations hurt efforts to end discrimination and the stigma of sex workers. Even if we offer other payment methods for our models, we will increasingly pay attention to sex worker-friendly options. We’re also considering options with cryptocurrencies in the future. “

PayPal is one of many payment services that has discriminated against sex workers for years. Its usage guidelines state that PayPal may not be used for “certain sexually oriented materials or services”. This extremely vague wording allows the company to exercise its right whenever it wants.

In the United States in particular, sex workers find it difficult to use one of the larger banks, apps and payment platforms for their jobs. The list of financial service providers that prohibit sexual services in their terms of use is long.


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