Erica and Udy have had sex on stage for 16 years

Erica and Udy have had sex on stage for 16 years

The Casa Rosso stands in the old town of Amsterdam between gabled houses and canals and is probably the most famous erotic theater in the city. Its main attraction is a 90-minute show with nine different performances. And the program is varied: among other things, a woman who smokes cigar – but not with her mouth -, a dominatrix who humiliates volunteers on stage, and Erica and Udy.

They have had sex on the rotating stage of Casa Rosso for 16 years. They love each other in front of drunk tourists, hen parties, fondling couples and discreet men with a coat over their lap.

Over the years, the couple has developed a routine: Udy comes on stage and starts licking Erica. He gets an erection. A little sex acrobatics follows in rhythm with the music. He penetrates her crouching and with legs spread wide or Erica supports herself with her arms while Udy whirls her through the air. After about eight minutes the curtain falls and the next act is on. An hour and a half later, the couple is back on stage and the game starts again: licking, fucking, posing, all night.

That sounds like hard work and it probably is. To find out how hard, we both meet after a performance. Udy has just come off the stage and is in a bad mood. “He has to eat something first,” says Erica with a smile. After a small snack, Udy, now much more relaxed, tells how both came to the Netherlands in 1989 – Erica from Liberia, Udy from Curaçao. They have been a couple for almost 20 years.

Why did you choose to do sex shows after three years of relationship?
Erica: We always thought that it would be nice to work together. Opening a bakery or having your own shop. In the end, however, we registered with an erotic model agency.

Udy: We didn’t know then that we would have sex live. First we should perform in an erotic soap opera. We would have had to audition for this in Eastern Europe and it would have taken months. I didn’t want to wait that long, so I asked if we could do a live show instead. And before we knew it, we sat in the audience at Casa Rosso. Shortly afterwards we did a trial run.

How was the trial?
Udy: Terrible.

Erica: Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Udy: You can’t prepare for the moment when you’re standing naked in front of a group of strangers for the first time. I had a stand until we had to go on stage. The curtain opened and I was standing naked in front of a full house when my cock started to behave incredibly funny. He was erect, but at the same time he pulled himself inside.

Erica: I was much shy than I expected. I quickly realized that sex on stage is very different from sex at home.

At home you don’t do weird contortions or rhythmic dancing?
Udy: Our bed doesn’t rotate either.

Erica: And sex is much more intimate.

What is it like to fuck in front of an audience?
Erica: A little scary. On stage I am like a police horse with blinkers. I avoid eye contact with the audience because I’m just too shy. When someone takes a picture of me, I never look directly at the camera. However, I hear a lot and am really annoyed when women in the front row laugh out loud.

Udy: I ​​am a real exhibitionist. I like it when you look at me. So I look back at the audience so I can see who’s looking at me. However, I have to concentrate so that I don’t lose my erection. Recently we had a couple in the front row and the woman was not wearing underwear. Every time I looked at the audience, her boyfriend nudged her and then spread her legs. I really have to try to ignore that in such situations. You can’t control the audience and although we give several shows every night, it’s different every time.

How do you physically manage to give several performances every night?
Udy: It depends on how I feel. On good days everything goes well and I enjoy it. If I’m not feeling so well, I haven’t eaten enough, or I’m not in a good mood mentally, I have to work harder. Even Viagra doesn’t help me on such days.

Erica: Udy doesn’t need Viagra most of the time. He doesn’t come on stage with an erection. But as soon as he starts licking me, he gets a stand. He’s one of those guys who only get excited when the woman enjoys it too. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to come every time, otherwise we would have to call an ambulance at the end of the night.

Do you still have a lot of sex at home?
Erica: Haha, what a cute question. Of course we still have sex!

Udy: I’ve always been a monster with an enormous libido. I am made for this job. It rarely happens that I don’t want to go to work. And on such evenings, Erica always motivates me to do it. Fortunately, we never argue, that would make the job difficult.

Erica: We are together and have fun. You can’t say that about a lot of jobs. And it has been really therapeutic for us because we can spend each night together and be intimate.

What is therapeutic about performing naked in front of giggling tourists?
Erica: You probably think it’s a kind of meat inspection that evaluates you, but that’s not how I perceive it. If I ran as a model at a fashion show, I would be rated. But the people who watch our appearances pay attention to completely different things. And because I’m very shy in my normal life, I’ve found a way to express myself. I know it’s a little weird.

Udy: As I said, I’m an exhibitionist. Otherwise I couldn’t do this job either.

Do you ever feel vulnerable or insecure on stage?
Erica: No, not really.

Udy: Erica feels safe with me no matter what. If the going gets tough, I have to be the man and protect her. I may come across as nice, but I’m not always like that. Colleagues were thrown at the stage with ice cubes. With me nobody would dare.

It almost sounds like you have found your dream job.
Erica: Of course something always goes wrong. But then I just tell myself that Rihanna and Beyoncé sometimes make mistakes.

Udy: There have been moments when I wanted to stop. But you have that in every job. When my son reached puberty, he wanted us to stop making TV appearances. It used to happen that he watched television and suddenly saw his father having sex with his girlfriend. Then we stopped.

Erica: We have been doing this for 16 years now and this job has enabled us to do many things. It also gave the boy a roof over his head, so he doesn’t really have anything to say. Once he was out of his teens, I wanted him to act like an adult and get along with it.

Are you going to do this job until the end of your life?
Udy: I don’t want to do this forever. But it is different, for example, from being a porn actor: you get a good monthly wage and you have a certain stability. At some point I would like to try something different.

Erica: I would still like to have my own business, preferably an online store. Thanks to our job, I can save money and don’t have to take out a loan. But at the moment I’m just incredibly grateful to wake up in the morning and hear my heart beat.


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